Child Health
and Diseases



Child diseases or pediatrics is a branch of medicine dealing with the medical care of health and diseases of infants, children and teenagers from birth to adult age (age 0- 17).

The objective of pediatrics is to decrease the mortality rates among infants and children, control dissemination of infectious diseases and treat children and teenagers with chronic disorders, and lead healthy child raising for the society.

In addition to the treatment of ill children, the branch also deals with the long-term conditions affecting the quality of life, disability and survival. Pediatricians are the doctors dealing with this branch of medicine. Following 6-year medical education, additional 4-year specialty education in infant, child and teenager diseases, follow-up of infant, child development is required to be pediatrician.

Some of the Diseases Treated at Our Center

Cold – Fever
Inner Ear Inflammation
Otitis Media
Bronchitis, Bronchiolitis
Rash Disorders in Children
Eating Disorders in Children
Urinary Tract Infections
Allergic Asthma
FMF (Mediterranean Fever)
Vaccine Monitoring Consultancy
Health Child Monitoring
Vaccine Monitoring