We Work for Health

Health, the absence of illness and disability in the body of an individual can be defined as the person’s physical, spiritual and social well-being. Health in the dictionary is given as the state of not being sick of the body, body health and well-being – being alive, alive, alive.

The World Health Organization defined health in the preamble of the founding agreement on April 7, 1948, “Health is not only the absence of illnesses and disabilities, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.” has done as.

According to the definition of the world health organization, for people to be healthy,
1- Body health: The health of the tissues and organs that make up the human body, the proper functioning of the whole body due to the regular function of each organ.
2- Mental health: It is the state of feeling good with emotions and thoughts.
3- Social health: People behave appropriately in their location, have good relationships with people, and behave in accordance with the customs and traditions of the society.

We aim to work towards the protection and improvement of people’s mental and social health as well as their physical health. We aim to use our long years of experience in the field of health for the physical health of our society and to apply it in the best way.

Health services ensure that the individual and society are healthy, long-lasting and efficient. Health services carried out for this purpose are preventive health services, therapeutic and remedial health services. It is not enough for public health to go with only therapeutic feelings. We plan to try to introduce a different approach in preventive health services, especially with patient education and practices.