About Us

Uluğ Bey Medical Center, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Bayraktar and Prof. Dr. It was founded by Miyase Bayraktar in 2019. The smallest details were taken into consideration in the construction of the building, whose construction started in 2016, and the old Seljuk-Ottoman architecture was taken as an example by using stone cladding. The medical center with a closed area of 3966 m² has a parking capacity of 13 cars.

In the building, there are emergency services, 1 operating room, 8 observation beds, polyclinic rooms, contracted clinical laboratory, and imaging centers. Also, it is equipped with the possibility of performing surgical interventions that do not require hospitalization. Our center, which operates in many specialties, offers healthcare services based on modern science with its experienced doctor staff and healthcare personnel.


While continuing to share our health experience of more than 40 years with patients; to serve professional, reliable, friendly, ethical, in international quality standards.


In addition to aiming to be a reliable, patient-oriented, high-level center in our region, to provide high-quality health services to patients and to ensure the absolute satisfaction of patients and their relatives.

Aims and Goals

  • To give importance to universal human values and to protect patient privacy,
  • To be an institution where patients trust and leave happily,
  • Not only in our region, and across Turkey to offer the latest technological applications in the field of human health from all walks of patients abroad through our experienced staff based on ethical values,
  • To ensure patient satisfaction and to announce our name with our high-quality health service,
  • To contribute to medical science through practice and service.

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Smiling face
  • Understanding
  • To provide decent and orderly service
  • Protecting patient rights
  • Protecting patient privacy
  • To serve scientifically and in accordance with the ever-changing medical science
  • Professional uninterrupted service